How To Write An Effective Medical Assistant Resume

Published: 03rd June 2011
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Here are some of the most important points of a winning medical assistant resume:

Contact Information: This section includes your full name (if you have any certifications place CMA or RMA after your name), address, telephone number and email address. Usually you would center this information at the top of the page and place your name in bold print.

If you have qualified as a certified medical assistant then the next section (under the bold heading of Certified Medical Assistant) needs to describe your CMA experience, complete with bullet points of tasks achieved. It is very important to include all this at the top of your resume so your prospective employer sees this immediately and therefore this will keep his or hers interest.

Job or Career Objective: If you don't have a lot of work experience then to catch the prospective employers eye you can use this section to talk briefly about your career goals. Mention one or two of your top qualifications. Just be careful of being too general and too narrow. If you have a lot of work experience then you can leave this section out.

Education: You need to include the name, address and date attended of the medical assistant training school and include whether you graduated with a diploma or a degree. If you achieved certification then list this along with the date when you passed your CMA exam.

Experience: If you have work experience then make sure in your medical assistant resume you include your administrative and clinical experiences, along with accomplishments (key results) attained. Employers like to see these accomplishments so they can mark you down as a potentially important candidate. This section is actually what most of the employers focus on, so make sure that nothing is missing.

If you have little work experience then list any medical assistant volunteer and internship experience you have. You should list your job title, employer's name, the dates you worked there, and a description of your responsibilities, tasks and skills you used during each position.

Activities: Under this section, emphasize the activities you've participated in, but make sure that it is relevant to medical assisting. This requires passing an exam offered in your state with a satisfactory grade.

The most important aspect of what will affect how much one make is the experience or time on the job. Your pay scale will reflect the number of years experience you have. Nationally, the average for a CMA that is a recent graduate with no experience can expect to make less than one would pay for a new Toyota vehicle.

For a person that has experience of 10 years, double that salary could be expected. This means the average hourly pay rate is about average when compared to Sales Managers at Rent A Center. This is not to say that the work is not worth the pay, but many expect a higher bracket of pay right off the bat.

Other things that affect a certified medical technician salary include the company they work for. When working for a larger corporation, one can expect to make more annually than one that works for a smaller nursing home or clinic that is run by the state. This will vary based on the cost of living in your area.

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